Supporting the Learning Process with Fun Enrichment Programs

Young children have a lot of energy, which is why if can often be difficult for them to developing the building blocks of an education. Implementing a range of different activities and techniques into the learning process is essential to help infants, toddlers, and pre-kindergarten children develop a foundation of knowledge. To ensure your children get the most of out of early education it should be engaging, informational, and interesting.

Adventure Bay Early Learning Center utilizes enrichment programs to enhance every child’s learning experience. This allows them to develop an understanding of essential skills, as well as develop an appreciation for fitness, music, and much more.

Making Physical Fitness a Priority Every Day

Early education should engross both the mind and body. By integrating physical fitness into our daily care, we help children establish positive habits that can be carried throughout every stage of life.

A regular fitness regime allows the kids we care for to burn off energy both inside and outside of the classroom, they are able to focus better when applying themselves to our educational curriculum. Combined with music appreciation and education, you are sure to be impressed by everything your kids learn during their time with us.

Why We Implement Music Appreciation & Education

A love of music is something that children can develop at a young age. Studies have proven that using music as a teaching tool can help children remember important facts and information. This is why music plays a large role in our curriculum. Not only is music an effective educational technique, but it is also something that can help improve motor skills. We encourage children of all ages to take advantage of age-appropriate instruments during allotted times.

Language Instruction for Young Children

Jumpstart your child’s ability to learn another language by enrolling him or her in an educational center that offers language lessons. This is an optional program available at our location that can be integrated into both daily care and flex care schedules. Don’t hesitate to consult our team for more information regarding these instruction services.

Also Offering Technology Instruction

Technology is now being used in and out of the classroom more than ever. To prepare your children for the technological skills they are required to learn in elementary school, we offer technology instruction for children up until the age of 5.

Enroll your child in Adventure Bay Early Learning Center and allow them to benefit from a number of enrichment programs. Contact us for more information regarding the different options available for children within our care. We provide unique child care programs for residents of Plantation, Davie, Florida, and the nearby areas.