Our Approach

Our Approach to Early Childhood Education

Unlike some childcare centers, Adventure Bay Early Learning Center is committed to delivering high-quality early childcare education in Plantation and the surrounding areas within a safe and stimulating learning environment.  Designed for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old, our programs caters to the needs of children throughout a range of developmental stages.  At this important age, children are developing at a fast rate.

It is essential you provide your child with the knowledge and tools that allow them to build an academic foundation that guarantees future success throughout their lives.  By creating meaningful experiences for your child on a daily basis, we encourage them to reach milestones in social skills, learning, and much more.  We cater to the individual needs of each child, ensuring they continue to grow and learn at a pace that is appropriate for their unique needs.

Offering an Enriched Learning Environment

All aspects of our facility work in conjunction with each other in order to meet the unique developmental needs of infants, toddlers, and young children. From the classroom to the playground, our entire center is designed to promote the curiosity, imagination, and growth of our children before they join the elementary school system.

With an enriched learning environment outfitted for each age group, your child always gets to take advantage of the most age-appropriate toys, activities, and curriculum.  This means day-in and day-out we are able to provide educational options that stimulate the mind and engage the body.  We even utilize proven security and cleaning techniques to keep kids safe each and every day.

Qualified Teachers Committed to Child Development

To ensure the children enrolled at our center get the highest quality childcare education, we only employ the most qualified teachers in our community.  Not only are these professionals state certified in childcare requirements, but they are also highly trained in early childhood development.

All of the educators on staff at our facility undergo an extensive hiring process before joining our team.  Only after passing background checks, credential verifications, and fingerprinting will we hire a new teacher.  Those employees responsible for transporting children to and from our center must also undergo driving history checks, as well as annual checks.

All of the teachers on staff go through an in-depth training in order to familiarize themselves with our unique approach to education.  By earning a true understanding of our curriculum, our educators are able to implement it flawlessly into their daily teachings.

For more information regarding our approach to early development education, contact Adventure Bay Early Learning Center today. One of our educators would be proud to answer any questions you have regarding our curriculum, classrooms, and teachers.  We proudly serve parents and children in our local communities.