Make your next school break a blast with ADVENTURE BAY’S Spring Break Camp

Spring break is fun for kids of all ages.  Ensure that your children have a blast this break by turning to Adventure Bay Early Learning Center. Our facility is proud to offer spring break care for children as young as 6 weeks and as old as 10 years of age.  Whether you want to be able to run errands while your children are out of school or need to maintain a normal work schedule during the school break, you can depend on us for the services you need.

Our facility implements proven programs in order to engage the children within our care.  Combined with fun activities and age-appropriate games, our unique approach encourages children to enjoy their break while also promoting the learning process.  From the playground to the classroom, every aspect of our facility is equipped to ensure children have a great time on a daily basis.  Summer camp also available, you can feel confident enrolling your child in our camp programs whenever school is out.

Make the Holidays a Breeze with our Winter Break Camp

The time children spend in elementary school is not consecutive. Breaks are built into academic schedules in order to let families and teachers enjoy holidays and other days off together. The problem is that you may not always be able to get out of work or your other responsibilities every time your child is out of school. If this is the case, then consult a team that offers the break programs you need.

This winter break, our learning center offers a program designed to satisfy the needs of busy families throughout our community.  We constantly update our programs and activities to meet the ever-changing needs and interests of our Campers.  Our camp programs are designed to build friendships, learn, and have fun while creating life long memories.  Adventure Bay campers develop a love for learning while building social skills, utilizing their imagination, and having fun.

Convenient Flexible Care Explained

During school breaks, you may not need to entrust your child into our care every day. Should you be able to take a few days off to spend with them, we’ll provide services for the days you can’t get away. This convenient solution is referred to as flexible care. Flexible scheduling is available for children of all ages during spring, summer, and winter breaks, and is also available for kids under the age of 5 throughout the normal school year.

Enroll your child in spring break care at Adventure Bay Early Learning Center today. Contact us to learn more about the flexible break services we offer for children up to 10 years old. Our learning center is proud to serve families in Plantation and surrounding areas.