Early Childhood Teachers in Plantation, FL

Entrusting your children into the hands of anyone but family can be a challenge. Get the peace of mind you desire regarding child care by finding caregivers you can trust. All of our early childhood teachers in Plantation, FL, boast years of experience and training. These highly skilled educators support a commitment to delivering the highest quality care and services in the community here at Adventure Bay Early Learning Center.

Our teachers undergo thorough assessments and background checks before being hired on to the team. This extensive hiring process ensures that we only employ the most competent and qualified individuals to teach the children within our care. By providing unparalleled service every day, we have built a reputation that is respected by countless families throughout the community.

Why Our Educators Undergo a Thorough Teacher Assessment

Before adding any early childhood teachers to our staff, we check all references and conduct thorough background checks based on the requirements of Florida state law in addition to our own. We take the time to perform fingerprinting, complete criminal background checks, and even verify educational credentials. Those who may be responsible for transporting the children enrolled at our center undergo driving history checks, and annual checks throughout the duration of their employment.

All of this is done in order to protect our main priority, your child. In addition to the already mentioned aspects of our teacher assessment, we also ensure the teachers we hire fulfill the following requirements:

  • Certified by State Requirements
  • Trained in Our Standards & Curriculums
  • Trained to Understand Child Development Milestones
  • Receive Ongoing Development Training on a Yearly Basis

Classroom Assessment Designed with You in Mind

In order to create an educational experience that is truly worthwhile, we must create the right environment and hire the right kindergarten and preschool teachers. A well-designed classroom enhances learning abilities and inspires imagination. To ensure children get the most out of their time with us, we perform a classroom assessment that enables us to determine the effectiveness of every class atmosphere.

All of the spaces at our learning center are designed with a specific age group in mind. This ensures infants, toddlers, and children up to the age of 5 enjoy rooms able to engage both the mind and body. We make the safety and security of our space just as much of a priority. By disinfecting toys and surfaces regularly, as well as implementing trusted security standards, you can feel confident enrolling your child at our center today.

Feel confident enrolling your child at Adventure Bay Early Learning Center. Contact us for more information regarding our thorough teacher screening process. We proudly serve families in Plantation, Florida, and beyond.