Preschool in Plantation

Growth and development is a concern for parents as soon as their baby is born. To get the peace of mind you desire during your child’s early years, invest in early development education in Plantation, FL, delivered by a team you can trust. Since first opening our doors in 1997, Adventure Bay Early Learning Center has been proud to provide first-class, daycare and preschool for children ages 6 weeks old to 5 years old.

By creating an environment geared for learning, we integrate education into every aspect of the care available at our preschool center. This warm, loving atmosphere is ideal for families who wish to encourage their children to grow up into independent, creative, and disciplined individuals. Backed by a proven academic curriculum, our childcare services are able to create an educational foundation that acts as a springboard for the rest of your child’s academic life.

Take Advantage of an Enriched Learning Environment

Every aspect of our preschool center is designed to encourage the positive growth of children in our community. From preschool classrooms to outdoor playgrounds, you can expect every space at our center to promote an enriched learning environment that produces positive results. This approach to education is specifically centered on the needs of children in different developmental stages, such as infancy, toddlers and preschoolers.

For years, we have served as the preferred choice for early educational childcare. Over this time in service, our team has gone above and beyond to develop a reputation trusted by countless parents and families. If you want to feel confident enrolling your child at a preschool center, turn to a trusted team like ours.

Preschool for Children in Plantation

In addition to providing childcare services for preschoolers, we also serve as a learning center for children 4 years and older. Our voluntary pre-kindergarten; VPK program helps prepare young students for educational success upon entering kindergarten and beyond. While preschool is not a prerequisite for kindergarten, it is free for families regardless of their income.

Get the information you desire regarding early childcare education. Contact Us at Adventure Bay Early Learning Center today to become familiar with the programs and care available at our facility. We proudly serve families in Plantation and the surrounding areas.